Strategic Sourcing is a systematic review of where you get the people, goods and services you need to make your products and run your business, and where you draw the boundaries of your business using a series of ‘make or buy’ decisions. Our staff have run strategic sourcing engagements in the media, energy and government sectors and specialise in quantitative analysis.

Procurement Strategy follows on from this strategic analysis - it’s looking more at how the portfolio of things you need to buy should be obtained from the market, and how you can best use the dynamics of the market to deliver what you need. This is a core area for our staff and associates, and Martin in particular is regarded as an expert in procurement strategy for government, having conducted several large engagements in the Ministry of Defence, Cabinet Office and Department for Work and Pensions.

Of course, this leads to procurement and contract management, and our team have been lead negotiators or contract managers on several contracts greater than $300m in value in both the private and public sectors. Once again, Martin is regarded as an expert in the principles and practices of public sector procurement.

Category management is the process of looking at a particular category of goods though out their life and maximising your return on investment in them. This goes way beyond sourcing and looks at through-life management and sustainable disposal of goods. Our staff have introduced category management processes into a large government department and a local authority.

Of course, none of this works without good (and planned) supplier relationships, and again our staff and associates have introduced and managed supplier relationship management in several organisations.