At Theopraxis, we realise that you need to see a clear return on your consulting spend. You need experienced people, ones with energy and ability to deliver, and yet who can genuinely understand your business needs.

Most consulting firms train herds of graduates at your expense, and what they lack in experience they make up for in numbers. Why? Because senior people in the ‘big firms’ are paid on the basis on how much of your money they can take by shipping their colleagues in.

If you need a large team in a hurry, that's fine. But that’s not the way we like to work. We only use tested, seasoned consultants with years of blue-chip consulting experience. We are proud of our grey hairs. And we will
never try to grow our income at your expense.

We make you these three promises:

  • No kids - all our consultants are seasoned professionals with years in the business

  • Return on your investment – you can get the best advice without paying for the overheads of a large consultancy

  • No hidden agendas - your priorities are our priorities: first, last and always.